IFA Executive Board under growing pressure to step aside

The IFA Executive Board is coming under increasing pressure to step aside as Meath IFA calls on them to resign.

The IFA Executive Board, which comprises the four Regional Chairmen (Bert Stewart; James Murphy; James McCarthy and Tom Turley) along with Tim O’Leary and Jer Bergin have now been called on by Meath IFA to resign.

At its County Executive meeting in Navan on Monday night, which was attended by around 130 people, Meath IFA passed a motion calling for all six to resign.

It also proposed that the commodity chairmen, who are not running for the presidential election, would step into the breach cause by the resignation of the Executive Board.

Meath Chairman Diarmuid Lally said there was fierce annoyance at the meeting that anyone in IFA would be receiving monies from IFA telecom.

Lally also said that the meeting was calling for a remuneration committee should look at staff wages and make them more transparent.

The Con Lucey Report, he said, was considered incomplete and that an independent person should be appointed to review the 250 submissions received under the report.

“People wanted to know when the change happened that the President of IFA went from earning a small salary to the current levels.”

The general feeling, he said, was that the Con Lucey report did not go far enough. Those at the meeting said that the remuneration of the previous General Secretary Michael Berkery must be made known, along with other Presidents and Deputy Presidents.

A motion was also put forward at the meeting that all levies being collected by meat factories for IFA must stop.

The Meath calls comes after Galway, Limerick and Kilkenny also called for the Executive Board to resign this week.