ICSA regional VPs to share presidential duties ‘as required’

The three regional vice-presidents of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) will fulfill the duties of president between them “as required” until a new head of the organisation is elected.

The chairs of the various commodity committees will also play a role in these duties under the temporary arrangement, an ICSA spokesperson explained to AgriLand.

Following the announcement on Wednesday, April 24, that Patrick Kent would resign from the role of president, the association is preparing for an election to find his replacement.

The spokesperson confirmed that the details for the election, as well as the nominating procedure, would be determined at a meeting of the association next week.

It is understood that the election, originally scheduled for December, is to be brought forward.

At present, the regional vice presidents are: Dermot Kelleher, for Munster; Jimmy Cosgrave, for Leinster; and Mona O’Donohoe-Concannon, for Connacht/Ulster.

The commodity chairs are currently: Edmund Graham, for beef; John Halley, for suckler; and Sean McNamara, for sheep.

The nominating process is expected to take place over the course of one to two weeks, and to begin in the soon.

Kent stepped down from his role after accepting an offer from Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace to join his team as an agricultural advisor, should the latter be successful in his bid to be elected as an MEP in the upcoming European elections.

He also accepted a place on the list of of possible replacements for Wallace, should the Wexford TD win a seat, but is unable to fill it.

“Mick Wallace asked to put me on the list of replacements and asked if I would be an agricultural advisor to him if he gets elected and I said ‘yes’. Making sure that Mick Wallace gets to Europe is now my priority,” Kent told AgriLand at the time.