Last Friday (October 29) Carnew Mart held the sale of 49 high economic breeding index (EBI) heifer calves, seven maiden heifers and three stock bulls for David Young.

This was the first time that David held a production sale, with the herd expanding from 60 cows in 2013, to 230 cows currently being milked on the farm.

With no further room for expansion David made the decision to sell some heifers.

The heifers that were on offer came from a herd of exceptionally good cows; the herd averaged 579kg of milk solids last year, which puts it in the top 1% of Glanbia suppliers.

The average economic breeding index (EBI) of heifers calves that were on offer at the sale was €216.

This year, the herd is on target to produce an average of 595kg of milk solids and also sold two bulls into artificial insemination (AI).

Sale insights

After Friday’s sale, Agriland spoke with Carnew Mart yard manager Eugene Clune to garner some insight into the sale.

Commenting after the sale, Eugene stated that: “David had some very high quality stock on offer at the sale, with this section of the dairy sale being the highlight of the day.

“Many of the calves on offer, dams were producing over 600kg of milk solids, with a lot of farmers very happy with their purchases.

“The majority of the spring 2021-born heifer calves sold for between €750 and €800,” he added.

Some sample prices from the sale include:

  • A March 2021-born heifer calf sired by FR4560 sold for €800;
  • A February 2021-born heifer calf sired by FR4582 sold for €850;
  • A March 2021-born heifer calf sired by FR5704 sold for €800.
David Youngs heifers before last Fridays sale

Carnew Mart dairy sale

Also on Friday (October 29) Carnew held its fortnightly sale of dairy stock, with cows and heifers in-milk in the highest demand.

After the sale Eugene stated that: “Young cows and heifers in-milk sold for between €1,400 and €1,800, with older cows in-milk but not back in-calf making between €850 and €1,100.

“Also present at the sale were some in-calf heifers, with prices between €1,350 and €1,500, with AI-bred, well recorded heifers commanding the highest prices,” Eugene concluded.