Some heavy and thundery showers are predicted for the weekend in places, though there will also be some dry spells.

Today, Friday, August 2, will see early mist and fog, which will clear, giving way to warm and mostly dry conditions, with hazy sunshine, according to Met Éireann.

A few scattered showers will develop, mainly in Ulster. Patches of mist and sea fog will also be possible along the east coast during the day.

Highest temperatures today will be in the region of 19° to 25°, with mostly light, south-westerly breezes.

Tonight, then, will be mostly dry, with variable cloud cover, but rain will break out across much of Munster, some heavy and possibly thundery.

Mist patches may develop in some places, while winds will be mostly light and south-easterly, which will freshen on the south-west coast. Lowest temperatures will be 10° to 14°.

Moving to tomorrow, Saturday, August 3, the day will start off dry in most places, but showers – starting in Munster – will become widespread during the day.

Some of these showers will become heavy and prolonged in places, bringing with them a risk of thunder. However, there will also be good dry intervals in most areas also.

Highest temperatures tomorrow will be 18° to 22°, with mostly light to moderate south-easterly breezes, becoming fresh and strong in western coastal areas.

Saturday night will see further outbreaks of showery rain, but these will become increasingly confined to eastern coastal areas by morning, with mainly dry conditions appearing elsewhere.

Some mist or fog patches may develop, while minimum temperatures will be 11° to 14°, in mostly south-easterly breezes.

Looking to Sunday, August 4, and there will be a few bright and sunny spells, especially in the east and north, but scattered showers will also appear. These will merge to bring longer spells of rain in west Munster and west Connacht, with a risk of thunder.

Highest temperatures on Sunday will be 19° to 23° in mostly light to moderate south-easterly winds, which will be fresh to strong and gusty along western and south-western coasts.

Most areas will become dry over Sunday night, with clear spells and lowest temperatures of 10° to 13°.

Looking further afield, and the early part of next week will be much the same, with some dry and bright spells, but rain – sometimes heavy – potentially affecting most of the country, with the risk of spot flooding on Monday, August 5.

Temperatures will be in and around the 20° mark, give or take 2° or 3°.

Met Éireann predicts that drying and spraying conditions will be limited and poor over the weekend, while soil moisture deficits will decrease. However, some restrictions to growth will continue in Leinster.