It’s been a tremendous six months for AgriLand. From a standing start we have succeeded in carving out a new and vibrant position at the very heart of the farming and food media here is Ireland. Our role is a very simple one: to inform and express opinionated views on developments taking place within the agri-food sectors both at home and abroad. And, what’s most important, all of this is being achieved in real-time.

We pride ourselves in delivering a 24/7 service to those with an interest in agri-food affairs. And, the good news is that – to date – we have not been found wanting in this regard.

What started as a trickle is now a flood of people who access AgriLand on a daily basis, courtesy of the site itself or on Twitter and Facebook. Our aim is to build on all of this for the future.

AgriLand has taken root at a time of genuine hope for farming and food here in Ireland. Our role will be to reflect on all of these opportunities as the months pass by. But we will be far from passive in this regard. If we feel that a ‘spade must be called a spade’ then we won’t be long in so doing.

The Christmas season is with us. Thankfully the weather over the past number of months has been more than kind to Irish farmers. Our experience of White Christmases in the past has not been pleasant. Frozen farm yards, machinery that won’t start and the absolute bind of feeding out wintered stock by hand are not conducive with the images conjured up on greeting cards. So let’s hope it’s a ‘green one’. And just for good measure let’s hope the New Year comes in stress free and snow free for every farmer in the country.

One of the most seminal Christmas poems ever written was ‘Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost. It tells the story of a man on his journey home on the shortest day of the year, reflecting on the vagaries of life, with the snow falling all around him. The final two lines repeat each other: “And miles to go before I sleep: And miles to go before I sleep.”

In its own way AgriLand is on a journey, which is just starting. We would like to thank everyone who supported us in 2013. There will be lots more to follow during the year ahead.

A Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year to all from everyone at AgriLand.

Yours in farming, 

The AgriLand Team