Grass management ‘sensor’ heading for National Dairy Show

A new sensor technology designed to help farmers optimise grass management will be on display at the upcoming National Dairy Show in Millstreet, Co. Cork.

The ‘FieldSense’ system, developed by Limerick-based start-up Anuland, uses camera technology to automatically measure grass and soil characteristics, which are then processed through algorithms. The data is then returned to the farmer through an app.

Anuland will have a stand at the National Dairy Show on October 19. Its appearance in Millstreet follows on from the launch of the technology at the National Ploughing Championships last month, which, according to the company, was “hugely successful”.

Anuland says that farmers in Ireland and abroad are interested in being able to measure grass more accurately, and that more farmers are thinking about grass management.

Using the phone app, a farmer can take an image of grass at anytime; the image is then paired with the Anuland Monitoring Station visual and soil sensors, and transmitted to the Anuland Insights Platform.

Grass measurement and soil data is then processed and returned to the app, with recommendations and soil quality characteristics in real time.

David McDonnell, director of Anuland, said: “Farmers know that growing more grass equals lower costs and higher profits, but time and labour constraints means only a small percentage are currently measuring grass.

Farmers want to change. They want to take the guesswork out and use technology to increase farm efficiencies.

“Our camera technology enables farmers to measure their grass on the go and keep on top of their grass management decisions,” McDonnell added.

After over two years in development, the technology is now available to be ordered at a reduced launch offer rate. To find out more, click here.