Three mediators were elected to represent the Independent Farmers of Ireland (IFOI) in beef negotiations going forward following a meeting of the group in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, last night, Wednesday, October 9.

In a statement from the group, it was revealed that the mediators from a separate grouping, the Beef Strategy Group, had received a “resounding mandate from attendees” as their choices to represent the IFOI on the Beef Market Taskforce.

The actual composition of the taskforce has yet to be revealed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and beef industry stakeholders.

The mediators elected last night include: Alo Mohan; Noel Long; and Seamus Maye, and were elected by votes through a show of hands of attendees.

In its statement, the Independent Farmers group said: “Last night’s endorsement serves as a clear signal to the Government that IFOI has real, undeniable support right around the country, from the individuals who peacefully protested at meat processing plants.”

Continuing, the Independent Farmer statement added: “This is sending a clear message that these people will not tolerate being sidelined in any way.

“As part of our campaign, the IFOI intends to hold further meetings throughout the country to discuss strategy going forward.

“The IFOI wishes to sincerely thank all those who travelled to Athlone last night. It was most heartening to see that people came from all over Ireland to this event,” the group’s statement concluded.