Grain growers disappointed in feeding of imported grains

The Irish Grain Growers’ Group (IGGG) spoke out about its disappointment in dairy farmers feeding soya hulls and palm kernel to fill a deficit during the current drought.

Farmers across all sectors have been struggling with drought conditions as the lack of rainfall is affecting crop growth.

Speaking to AgriLand, chairperson of the IGGG Bobby Miller stated: “It’s very disappointing to see an article like this coming out in June 2020 when tillage farmers are under pressure and looking at crops suffering from drought.”

He was referring to a Twitter post and newsletter published by Teagasc which stated that: “Where silage isn’t plentiful; farmers are feeding palm kernel / soya hulls to fill the gap and save silage for next winter. Where there is a reserve of silage; farmers are feeding surplus bales.”

Bobby stated clearly that: “Teagasc isn’t promoting it [the use of these grains], but there is no mention of the use of native grains or even European grains for that matter considering the new policy coming from the EU – Farm to Fork – and less food miles.”

He expressed his disappointment at the use of imported grains, many of which are GM crops.

He also mentioned the push from Europe to encourage the use of plant proteins with less food miles.