Glanbia announces biodiversity payment boost for April

Glanbia Ireland has announced a payment to boost biodiversity on dairy farms.

The 0.20c/L (including VAT at 3.6% butterfat and 3.3% protein) unconditional biodiversity payment will be made this week to all Glanbia Ireland dairy farmers based on the amount of milk supplied in April.

Interestingly, Glanbia milk suppliers are encouraged to “visit one of the 14 Glanbia Ireland CountryLife Garden Centres, where a team of qualified horticulturalists are available to advise them on how to continue to enhance biodiversity on their farms”.

Among the measures Glanbia Ireland is encouraging dairy farmers to consider for their farms are:
  • Riparian buffer strips on watercourses;
  • Creating shelter belts and wildlife corridors;
  • Pollinator plots;
  • Planting additional hedgerows and native trees this autumn.

For example, in the autumn planting season, Glanbia Ireland’s network of agri-business branches will provide family dairy farms with advice and special offers on appropriate native trees and hedgerow plants to boost biodiversity.

4,500 family farm suppliers

Later this year, a survey of the 4,500 family farms supplying milk to Glanbia Ireland will be undertaken to measure progress and provide advice on enhancing biodiversity on Irish farms.

Sean Molloy, chief agri-business growth officer at Glanbia Ireland, said: “We know that our milk suppliers are proud custodians of their natural environment.

Protecting and improving the already-high standards of biodiversity on Irish dairy farms is key to meeting the environmental challenges of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and ammonia emissions, increasing carbon capture and improving water quality.

“This payment is a recognition of what is already being achieved on our milk suppliers’ farms and also to encourage even more progress,” Molloy said.