McHale engineering has been quiet of late with regard to product launches, that is not to say the company has been idle, far from it.

It is no secret that it has a tedder and a plain mower out and about on trial this season with an official launch of both expected in time for 2023.

Reinforcing product support

Back at base in Co. Mayo, McHale has also added to the office space and greatly expanded its training facilities to ensure that its products can be be sold and serviced throughout the world.

Baler McHale FTMTA show
Two students from Zimbabwe studying agricultural engineering at Tralee are approaching the end of their six-month placement with McHale, which has a display at this year’s FTMTA Farm Machinery Show

This year also saw the introduction of Isoplay, its new ISOBUS control screen which is available in either a 7in or 12in versions.

The control system as a whole has been tweaked with the ability to pause any of the baler’s functions at any time during operation, allowing it to be stopped should the operator notice anything amiss.

McHale upgrades

The Fusion range has received minor updates with the pick-up augers now having tapering ends to improve the flow of the crop through to the rotor.

Balers are still selling well for the company with the variable chamber models doing particularly well in the UK, despite the reluctance of Irish grass farmers in switching over to belts.

Meanwhile, the Fusion is still a strong seller here in Ireland with film-on-film gaining the larger part of the market, as it is in the rest of the world.

The advantage of having a bale wrapped with the same material throughout is rapidly becoming a major selling point, disentangling net from the wrap on a cold winter’s morning is a passtime that many would sooner forget.

The company is remaining tight-lipped about future plans but we are led to believe that there are new machines in the pipeline.