Free life coaching session offered to AgriLand readers

A Co. Wexford sheep farmer’s daughter who is a business and life coach, along with five other business and life coaches who form ‘Connect Full Coaching’, is offering farmers and those working in the agri sector a free life coaching session to help those affected by Covid-19.

“As a farmer’s daughter, I am well aware of the concerns and challenges facing farmers and those working in the agricultural industry and I, along with the other coaches, would like to help,” said Annabelle Phelan of AP Coaching.

Farmers, she contended, are facing a whole range of issues at present. They include: inheritance and elder care; work life balance and freedom; relationships; social isolation; off-farm work and how it fits in with running the farm; a lack of passion for farming and worry about the possibility of selling the family farm; and financial concerns.

“Life coaching offers a confidential and safe space, to discuss any part of your life, something you may feel unhappy about or would like to improve, for example, your career; the farming business; relationships; your health; stress or anxiety. As coaches, we are there to listen, and help the person get clarity, on what it is that they want to achieve,” she said.

Different perspectives

“With the help of a coach, people can look at things from different perspectives, and come up with various options, to make things easier on themselves.

“By the end of a coaching session, the client should come away with a clearer mind and a newfound motivation to tackle whatever it is that they are struggling with,” Annabelle said.

“Our free life coaching session is a great opportunity to try out coaching and have someone to listen and support you in your decisions. All we ask as coaches, is that clients come with an open mind and be willing to talk.”

All the coaches have a diploma in personal, business and executive coaching, from the Irish Life Coach Institute, along with various other qualifications, according to Annabelle.

“This is a great opportunity and we want to make sure word gets out to those who need it most. We are already working with Macra on this initiative and we are signed up as a training provider with Macra agricultural Skillnet to offer individuals follow-up sessions at a discounted rate,” she said.

From my experience, farmers can get stuck in a rut or bogged down and then let things fester and build up over time. With the help of a coach, the individual is asked thought-provoking questions that enable them to come up with solutions for themselves.

“It is so fulfilling to see people’s body language change, like a weight being lifted off their shoulders when they realise there are ways to overcome the challenges they are facing,” said Annabelle.

To avail of the free coaching session which will be done through either Zoom or Skype, or to find out more information, email: [email protected], and a member of the team will make direct contact.