Video: Seedbed prep for spuds on ‘Little Christmas’

There’s plenty of field work underway across the country. Early potatoes have even been planted in north Dublin.

AgriLand heard from plenty of tillage farmers over the course of the past week who are happy to be out in fields and it makes a welcome change from the wet winter of 2017/2018.

Very early potatoes

Farmers were busy in north Dublin. Some were planting winter wheat, while more even ventured into early potatoes while weather permitted. Beans will no doubt be next on the list.

The video below was sent into AgriLand from Shane Halpin and shows seedbed preparation for potatoes on his uncle Brendan Gaffney’s farm on Sunday, January 6 – Little Christmas in Lusk, Co. Dublin.

Sowing was underway at the time of publication on Monday, January 7.

Ploughing and spraying

Farmers have been doing everything from spraying green cover and volunteers to sowing crops over the past few days; AgriLand even came across a video of sheep grazing forward winter wheat on Louis McAuley’s’ Twitter account – a cultural method of plant growth regulation.

Ploughs are out across the country with reports of action from the south to the north-east. The calm weather has also provided ample opportunity for spraying.

A large amount of fields across the country are filled with volunteers, which have even headed out. Some farmers may have contemplated taking the combine out again, but some allowed sheep onto the crop.

Anything which has not been controlled will need to be in some way in order to make for easier ploughing and good trash burial.

Not all parts of the country are dry enough for work and some will have to hold off for another while longer. AgriLand hopes the dry spell continues into next week for more work to continue ahead of the end of the closed period for fertiliser spreading.

Whatever work is on the agenda stay safe on the farm.