Irish fertiliser prices fall considerably in recent weeks

Fertiliser prices have fallen considerably in recent weeks, according to the IFA’s latest fertiliser price update.

The late cold spring has slowed grass growth, delayed spring plantings and the commencement of the silage season.

This along with falling commodity prices, a reduced crop area and delayed purchasing, in anticipation of further price falls, has affected fertiliser sales volumes, according to the IFA.

It says local demand is expected to pick up over the coming days on the back of improved growing conditions. European fertiliser volumes are expected to fall by 10% this season.

The Irish market is also expected to contract but to a lesser extent, it says.

Prices down considerably

Irish fertiliser retail prices have fallen considerably in recent weeks and are expected to fall further in line with international wholesale prices, according to the IFA.

It says Cif bulk German wholesale prices for CAN are down to €190/t this week. However, it also says that there is a price lag as the local trade tries to wash out higher priced stock through the system.

IFA fertiliser price update

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The IFA says that farmers who are prepared to shop around are getting very good deals.

Purchasing / buyer groups are continuing to secure significant discounts on officially quoted prices.

The IFA also highlights that competition for this business has intensified in the Munster region with the opening of the new Yara depot in Cork.

The major co-ops are struggling to compete as smaller independent merchants lead the way on price.