On this week’s FarmLand, we look at the coalition government formation and how the programme for government will affect Irish agriculture; and we find out the best way to shear sheep.

The formation of the next government – and how it will approach agricultural issues – is a key talking point this week, with Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party negotiators agreeing a Programme for Government.

These negotiators are now facing the task of convincing their respective parties to accept this document and continue with the process of putting together a new coalition leadership for the country.

We spoke to Jackie Cahill, TD for Tipperary and Fianna Fail spokesperson on Food and Horticulture, to hear the latest on government formation, Fianna Fail’s position and how the programme for government seeks to change Irish agriculture.

Meanwhile, AgriLand technical journalist Michael Geary spoke to Karol Devaney to find out the best way to shear sheep, and if Covid-19 has had any impact on the shearing season.

Devaney, a sheep shearer from Co. Sligo, noted that the shearing season kicked off quite early this year, noting that the good weather was a factor in this.

This early start was an advantage in a year where contractors are short seasonal workers, it was noted.

Devaney outlined why it is important to shear sheep, as well as best practice in doing so.

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