Farmhand going BiG for Grass & Muck 2018

Farmhand is bringing its biggest range of machinery yet to FTMTA Grass & Muck 2018 on May 17. The Krone BiG M 450 and BiG X 630 will be there on the day.

However, Farmhand has promised that something “never seen before in Ireland’ will be unveiled at 4:45pm.

The BiG M 450 was released earlier this year and is already a hit with Irish contractors, who appreciate the even bigger output compared to the older BiG M 420.

Farmhand will demonstrate the BiG X in a unique way and will be running workshops throughout the day.

“The BiG X has a few features that no other harvester can match, so we’re looking forward to showing these off,” said Stephen Scrivener, Farmhand marketing director.

With another 15 new BiG X forage harvesters in Irish fields this year, interest levels are higher than ever and we want to demonstrate what this machine can do within our demo plot.

Mowers, tedders and rakes

Farmhand won’t be neglecting its smaller machines at the event. The full range of Krone (tractor-powered) mowers – from 8ft mounted up to 10ft trailed – will be there. Along with this range, Farmhand will demonstrate its tedders and rakes.

New for this show is the 12-rotor, KWT 1300 trailed tedder. This machine has gained popularity with contractors in recent years, as demand for tedding skyrockets and weather windows narrow.

On display at Grass & Muck 2018 will be:


  • EC3201 CVSSA;
  • AMR240 (static);
  • ECR280;
  • ECR360;
  • ECR320 CV;
  • B1000 CVSSA.


  • KW552;
  • KWT1300+.


  • TC640 (one side folding);
  • TC1400+.

Balers and wagons

Completing the range of forage machinery on display will be a number of wagons, round balers, a big-square baler and a four-rotor rake.

“We would love to show off the BiG Pack in silage. It’s something that more contractors are looking at. So if conditions are right on the day, we’ll run it,” said sales director David Borland.

Also on display at Grass & Muck 2018 will be:


  • F155 XC XT;
  • BiG Pack 870 HDP;
  • CF155 XC XT.


  • AX;
  • MX;
  • ZX430.


Amazone will also be represented. Its range of spreaders, sprayers, a disc harrow and the all-new plough will be on display for people to see up close.

“We have just sold the first few Amazone ploughs and the feedback is extremely encouraging. Judging by the reception so far, we are confident that it will be a contender in the Irish market,” Borland said.

The new Amazone ZAV spreader was released earlier this year and has already been a spectacular sales success

On display at Grass & Muck 2018 from Amazone/APV will be:
  • Catros 3003 and APV seeder;
  • APV display unit;
  • ZAM 1001;
  • ZAV;
  • ZG-TS;
  • UF.

Fastparts and APV

Fastparts, the parts division of Farmhand, will display its impressive line-up. There will also be a demonstration of the Rakeman 3000 grass harrow and APV seeder.

“Grass rejuvenation is more important this year than ever. Paired with an APV seeder, the Rakeman is a must-have for any grassland farmer looking to improve output,” explained Colin Gillespie from Fastparts.

A Dromone ball-and-spoon will also be showcased, as well as a range of Quicke original implements.

Embrace FARM Charity

Following on from the buckets given out two years ago, Farmhand has teamed up with Embrace FARM Charity on the day. It will be accepting €2 donations in exchange for Krone BiG X branded high-visibility vests.

All proceeds will go to Embrace FARM.

“High-vis vests are always in short supply so we’re hoping people will stock up on them in aid of a worthy charity! They will be printed with a BiG X harvester on the back, which will make them unique,” commented Stephen.

Check out this video (below), showing Krone equipment in action at the recent Compass Tractors Fendt and Krone ‘demo day’.