Farmers are recycling more and more farm plastics at reduced prices

At this very early stage in 2019, more farmers are now recycling the full range of farm plastics at significantly reduced value.

IFFPG in partnership with Farm Plastics Recycling carried out a quick survey after the first two weeks of the collection season.

It was found that:

  • Wrap and sheeting was more or less on a par with 2018 (1% difference);
  • Fertiliser/feed bags and drums were up an astonishing 163% on 2018;
  • Netting was up nearly 30% on 2018.

Farmers are definitely availing of the lower prices offered by IFFPG with the introduction of the new netting levy in 2018. This represents the most cost-efficient recycling service across Ireland.

Doing their bit for the environment

As collections have just started in certain counties, early turn out has been very high and IFFPG are encouraging all farmers to recycle all their types of farm plastics. By doing so, farmers are been cross compliant and doing their bit once again for the environment.

IFFPG are now collecting the broad range of farm plastics as well as silage plastic.

There is huge savings to be found on recycling of all bale netting and twine. Bale netting and twine can be recycled at a cost of €5 per half-tonne fertiliser/feed bag with the new netting label code.

This code is new and can be gotten from your supplier of netting. If you have no code, the cost is €15/bag.

Triple-rinsed chemical drums, half-tonne fertiliser/feed bags (liners removed) and small fertiliser/feed bags (liners from fertiliser bags and covers off fertiliser pallets can also be included) can be recycled for €10 per half-tonne fertiliser/feed bag.

Silage wrap and sheeting can be delivered loose to the bring centres at a cost of €20 per half tonne; but an IFFPG label code number is required to prove you purchased the levied plastic.

Further information

A full list of the locations of the IFFPG bring centres, every year, is available online at:; or alternatively you can LoCall: 1890-300-444 for more information.

Or simply click here