Farm organisations are welcoming the decision from C & D Foods to apply to have its injunctions against two farmers struck out, and are calling for the swift reconvening of the stalled Beef Market Taskforce.

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) argued that the fact that the injunctions – against Paraic Brady and Colm Leonard – remained in place up until this point was “petty and mean spirited”.

“The beef taskforce needs to be convened as soon as possible,” said Joe Healy, the association’s president.

What farmers are really looking for now is a price increase.

“This is well overdue, as shown in the new [Bord Bia] beef price index, and the fact that the price has increased substantially in other markets,” Healy concluded.

Meanwhile, the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) commented that the continuation of the injunctions “went against the letter and the spirit of the Irish Beef Sector Agreement”.

Edmond Phelan, the association’s president, said that the removal of the injunctions will “pave the way for the beef taskforce to meet, and this needs to happen as soon as possible”.

Valuable time has been lost and farmers have been losing money hand over fist in the meantime.

“It is wholly unacceptable that this matter should have been allowed to drag out for so long,” argued Phelan.

Earlier today, the Beef Plan Movement commented that: “The progression of the Beef Market Taskforce has been greatly hindered by the lax approach of corporate industry in the discontinuing of legal threats.”

Dermot O’Brien, the group’s spokesperson, said: “The Beef Market Taskforce must now sit straight away as the beef farmers of Ireland want action in relation to points agreed on September 15 in the Beef Sector Agreement.”

C & D Foods announced today, Thursday, November 28, that it is to apply to have its injunctions thrown out.

In a statement, C & D Foods claimed: “Over the past few weeks we have met with and received assurances from the Minister for Justice and Minister for Agriculture in relation to the intimidation and threats made against management.”