Agriland Media Group is delighted to announce a new partnership with ESB Networks to raise awareness of safety around electricity and power lines.

As part of the Farm Safety Series, ESB Networks will provide a multitude of advice and information on remaining safe from electrical risks on farm.

Areas which will be covered in a series of articles on the Agriland platform includes:

  • General tips for staying safe and aware of electricity on farm;
  • Advice on what to do ahead or during a storm;
  • Where risk arises in particular areas of the farm;
  • Being safe to avoid injury or death when carrying out building work;
  • The importance of safety around electricity during silage season.

Each of the instalments in the series will give practical, understandable advice to the farming community aimed ad reducing incidents resulting in injuries or worse.

ESB Networks Farm Safety Series

The articles will be published over the duration of the next week, providing information each day which could safe a life.

Agriland Media Group will host the articles on its website and smartphone app. All of the content, advice, tips and tricks will be available at the touch of a button.

ESB Networks has said: “As part of our commitment to safety, we promote a public awareness campaign to focus people’s attention on electrical safety outdoors.

“The campaign aims to reach all of our audiences – the general public, farmers, construction workers and children.

“The key message… is to ask people to be mindful of electricity wires while they are outdoors and to always stay safe and stay clear of electricity wires.”

You can really get a feel for the risks involved in an agricultural setting by watching the short video below where farm accident survivor, Francis Hardiman gives his account of easily something can go wrong.