Equipment maintenance: 8 top tips to maximise your return on investment

Most equipment owners view maintenance as a cost, but in the long run it’s much more productive to see it as a profit centre. Your equipment is only making money when it’s working and it will work longer when it’s properly maintained.

Here are some tips to maximise your return on investment:

8 top tips

Maintenance schedule

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. It’s all there in the manual for a reason. Check your filters, sample the oil, grease all the lubrication points and check fuel quality on schedule to minimise costs and maximise the life of your equipment.

Download the free Perkins® My Engine App from the Apple or Google app stores for access to your engine’s service manuals.

Keep it clean

Regularly check and clean the radiator and everywhere else dirt and debris build up; that includes wheels, undercarriage, tracks, idlers, sprockets and hydraulic cylinders all of which can be damaged by dirt and debris.

While you’re at it, check attachments like buckets, teeth and breakers for wear and damage. Dull and/or broken tools make the engine work harder so it burns more fuel and takes longer to finish the job.

Feed it clean fuel

Something smaller than a human hair can destroy fuel pumps and injectors.

Today’s high-pressure common rail fuel systems are built to tolerances of just a few micron and any contamination can cause unnecessary wear leading to fuel leakage, power reduction, decreased performance and increased emissions.

Buy your fuel from a reputable supplier, filter it and follow proper fueling procedures to prevent contamination.

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Monitor your investment

Connect your machines and monitor your investment. Telematics doesn’t have to be expensive; the Perkins® SmartCap paired with the free Perkins My Engine App creates a low-cost telematic solution for both electronic and mechanical engines.

Simply replace your existing oil filler with the Perkins SmartCap and download the Perkins My Engine App for free from the Apple or Google app stores and start monitoring hours run, machine location and lots more useful information.

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Consider remanufactured parts

Perkins remanufactured parts are literally as good as new because they meet the same specifications as new parts. They’re usually available quicker than a repaired part and can cost up to 40% less than a new part with no sacrifice in quality.

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Take advantage of on-line parts ordering and overnight deliveries

Parts on your shelf aren’t making any money, but the Perkins shop can fix that. Thousands of genuine Perkins parts are in stock for next day delivery, with the assurance of great quality and a minimum 12-month warranty on all purchases.

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Use the best operating mode for the job

Machine manufacturers expend a lot of effort developing multiple operating modes, so it makes sense to take advantage of them. Using different modes for different jobs – features like auto-idle and auto-shutdown can dramatically impact fuel economy.

Find out more about guidance on engine performance from Perkins by clicking here

Get expert advice from your local distributor

You rely on your machines and need to be sure they work well under tough conditions. DiPerk Power Solutions is the authorised distributor for Perkins throughout Ireland. With extensive expertise, helpful service staff and genuine parts, they support you, whatever your need.

The knowledge and technical excellence that Perkins has built up over 87 years of engineering experience is shared by its distributors. It forms the heart of how they help Perkins serves its customers. Read more about Perkins’ Irish distributor