A candidate running in the Wicklow constituency for General Election 2020 has urged voters to “get out and vote” on Saturday, February 8, and explained why he believes the farming community and agri-food and drink sector should vote for him.

Fine Gael’s Andrew Doyle has said his “down-to-earth politics will ensure Co. Wicklow is top of the agenda at a national political level”.

The Co. Wicklow beef farmer said he “fully believes agriculture is the lifeblood of rural Ireland”.

He explained: “The agri-food sector is Ireland’s most important indigenous industry and Wicklow plays a vital role in the success of this sector.

I support a farmer that is producing and believe in defending and protecting an industry that employs 173,000 people in Ireland, representing almost 8% of employment.

He noted: “Irish food and drink, including a significant amount from Wicklow, was exported to over 180 markets worldwide last year.

“The value and volume of our national exports reached €13.9 billion in 2019, making it the ninth year in a row that exports for the sector have increased in value.”


Doyle pledges to implement measures to continue championing climate-friendly food production, reducing food waste and the carbon footprint of food.

He also has plans to increase recycling facilities and create sustainable land solutions saying “little changes can make a big difference”.

SMEs and Business

Finally, for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Doyle aims to help cut red-tape and bureaucracy for businesses in the locality ensuring SME’s and farmers are ready for Brexit.