BASF launches new fungicide…Revysol

BASF launched the newest fungicide to the Irish market yesterday, February 6. Revysol® will be marketed in two different products Lentyma® and Revystar XL®.

Revysol®, an isopropanol-azole, comes from the company that brought Opus or epoxiconazole to the market in the 1990s.

The active ingredient, Revysol®, which received its Irish authorisation in the middle of December 2019, will be supplied in a co-formulation with BASF’s SDHI product, Xemium. It can be used on wheat and barley in its first year.

At the launch, BASF outlined the products powerful adaption to disease mutations and its flexible nature and its efficient ability to bind to fungal disease.

New product welcomed

The launch of a new product is no doubt welcomed by tillage farmers whose toolbox for fighting plant diseases is becoming smaller.

2020 sees the loss of chlorothalonil and so a new chemical gives some fresh methods of disease control to the cereal fields.

Speakers at the conference noted the difficulty companies now have in getting products registered for the market and how times have changed in more recent years.

Diseases have become less sensitive to some fungicide products, there has been a huge loss of active ingredients and regulations have become much stricter.

In the coming days, AgriLand will provide some details on the new product.