It is expected that a decision on a new deadline for applications under new CAP schemes will be made in Europe this week.

A spokesperson for the European Commission told Agriland that it expects a new deadline to be decided by the end of this week.

European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has announced that he is considering extending the period for submission of applications under the CAP, which is currently May 15, following requests from Members States, including Ireland.

While the new application deadlines have not yet been confirmed, the move has been warmly welcomed by the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney.

Following a recent meeting of European Agriculture Ministers he said an additional period will take some of the pressure off farmers who are coming to grips with the extensive changes in the CAP.

“We have asked for early clarification of the new application deadlines and that this extension should apply to Pillar I and to Pillar II schemes,” he added.

Under the new CAP reforms the Single Payment Scheme is replaced by the Basic Payment Scheme. A new set of entitlements will be allocated in 2015 to those eligible for an allocation under the Basic Payment Scheme.

In addition to the Basic Payment Scheme, Ireland must introduce the ‘Payment for Agricultural Practices beneficial for the Climate and the Environment’ or ‘Greening’ as it is more commonly known. A very significant percentage of the national ceiling (30%) is allocated to Greening each year and all farmers who participate in the Basic Payment Scheme must also implement the Greening provisions.

Ireland will also implement a Young Farmers Scheme which will provide an additional payment to those young farmers who are eligible.