The Irish Hereford Breed Society has teamed up with Dawn Meats to run what it calls a ‘Certified Hereford Scheme’.

Eligible cattle for the scheme will qualify for a 20c/kg bonus payment on top of their weekly base price for Hereford and Hereford-cross cattle.

In order to be eligible, cattle must meet the following specifications:

  • Cattle (steers and heifers) between 18 months and 30 months of age;
  • Carcass weights must range from 240kg-380kg;
  • Eligible cattle must grade an O= or better;
  • Carcass must have a fat score between 2+ and 4+;
  • Herds must be Bord Bia Quality Assured.

Through the scheme, all Hereford and Hereford-cross cattle presented for slaughter with Dawn Meats, that meet the specifications, will qualify for a breed bonus.

The added bonus that can be obtained on top of the base price equates to:

Carcass weight (kg)Bonus payment

This bonus is on top any further quality assurance bonuses or bonuses offered by Dawn Meats.

Farmers wishing to avail of the bonus need to become members of the Certified Hereford Scheme. This can be done by completing and returning a membership form to the Irish Hereford Breed Society accompanied with a on- off payment of €100.

According to the application form, a €5 levy will also be deducted off each animal slaughtered.

The form can be obtained from the Irish Hereford Breed Society. Following memberships being processed, cattle can be booked in directly to any of the five Dawn Meats plants or via local agents.