Dawn Meats produces billionth Irish beef burger for McDonald’s

Dawn Meats is celebrating a significant milestone with McDonald’s Ireland today, producing the one billionth burger for McDonalds.

McDonald’s Director of Development and Supply Chain Nigel McGuire visited the production site at Carroll’s Cross in Waterford, which produces more than 400m beef burgers per year for the fast food chain with product destined for markets in Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe.

More than 50 Dawn Meats staff were congratulated on reaching the milestone.

Commenting on this achievement Nigel McGuire said: “McDonald’s is a committed supporter of the Irish agri-business sector and we’re proud of the strength of our relationship with Dawn Meats, which has led to one in every five burgers sold in McDonald’s restaurants across Europe being of Irish origin.

“McDonald’s adds nothing but salt and pepper to its burgers and the team at Dawn Meats have consistently helped us to deliver great tasting products to our customers.”

According to Dawn, all of the burgers produced for the fast food chain are made with whole cuts of 100% Irish beef and sourced through the Dawn Meats network of accredited farms across Ireland, guaranteeing a closed loop supply of quality assured beef.

The fast food company is the single largest purchaser of Irish beef by volume, purchasing approximately 40,000 tonnes of Irish beef annually.

Dawn Meats Group Commercial Director Richard Clinton said: “We are delighted with the progress achieved with McDonald’s to date and we are on target to achieve our ambition to produce one beef burger per year for every person in the EU.

“Active collaboration with McDonald’s across a number of disciplines has resulted in the gains made to date and we look forward to further progress in the years ahead as the McDonald’s Global business grows.”