Dairy quality is the priority for us, then it’s all about price – Middle East buyers

Quality is the key motivator, for Kuwait Danish Dairies buyer Thomas Psediikathundryll, who said he was looking to increase the amount of dairy produce he is currently buying from Ireland.

Quality is his key motivator, he said, when looking at sourcing dairy, followed by price.

“The quality of product must match my requirements. As we have different customers, they have different standards and this is the first priority for us.

“Then, it’s all about price.

While he said Ireland is ‘good’ on price, it should come into its own with the currency exchange rate at the moment.

Music to his ears

“The removal of quotas in Europe will allow dairy production to grow substantially in Ireland. It’s music to my ears to hear and see that processing capacity is growing too.”

He said the visits to Dairygold, Kerry and Glanbia had been impressive. “The new processing capacity we see are better quality and definitely a welcome move.

“The global market (demand) will easily absorb the increased volumes here.”

His main source of dairy is New Zealand, he said, but is buying some milk powder and soy products, and at the moment, he said, New Zealand meets both quality requirements and price.

“Dairy consumption growing substantially in the Middle East, and population growth is driving it.

“Our per capita consumption is increasing and value added products are coming more and more into the system.”

His customers, he said, are mainly looking for liquid milk and flavoured milk and cream products.