Udderly amazing! Cow gives birth to quadruplet calves

A cow has given birth to four healthy quadruplet calves in Dekalb, Texas. The cow, called Number Fifteen, delivered the four calves recently and they have been called Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo, USA Today reports.

Owner of the cow Dora Rumsey Barling said that it has never happened to her before and certainly not in their town. Local veterinarian Michael Baird said he has never gotten so much credit for doing something so little in his life.

“The calves were pretty fragile when they hit the ground, pretty small and there has been a lot of around the clock nursing care. These neighbours that pitched in and raised these calves are truly unsung heroes here,” he said.

The vet also had DNA samples from the calves taken in case any sceptics try to challenge the births in the future, USA Today reports. According to reports, the odds of cow quadruplets occurring are one in every 700,000 births and the odds of live quadruplets from a cow are apparently 1 in 11.2 million.

Three of the calves are bull calves and the other is a heifer calf with the smallest calf weighing about 25kg, reports say. The calves are reported to have trouble standing also.