The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) has now approved 6,181 applications made by farmers under tranche 1 of the new Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3).

The latest data published by the department shows that a further 308 applications received approval between Friday, March 8 and today (Tuesday, March 19).

This means that 75% of the 8,203 applications made under tranche 1 of the new scheme have now been given the green light.

The department said that 1,315 applications are currently “in progress”, 503 have been rejected and 204 were withdrawn.

The full list of schemes under TAMS 3 with the most recent numbers of approvals is outlined below:

SchemeApplicationsRejectedWithdrawnIn progressApproved
Animal Welfare Nutrient Storage Scheme2,494 131715541,738
Dairy Equipment Scheme2359357166
Farm Safety Capital Investment Scheme2,050240 532091,548
Low Emission Slurry Spreading5513110537
Organic Capital Investment Scheme928292071808
Pig & Poultry Investment Scheme4900544
Solar Capital Investment Scheme7513314199505
Tillage Capital Investment Scheme445291710389
Women Farmer Capital Investment Scheme25916796140
Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme441138114306
Source: DAFM

An additional 109 applications made under the Animal Welfare Nutrient Storage Scheme were approved by the department over the past 11 days.

554 of the 2,494 applications made under the scheme are still being considered by DAFM officials, 1,738 have been approved, 131 rejected and 71 were withdrawn.

1,548 of the 2,050 applications made under the Farm Safety Capital Investment Scheme (FSCIS) have now been approved, 209 remain “in progress”.

There were 18 further approvals granted by the department under the Women Farmer Capital Investment Scheme (WFCIS).

Of the 259 applications made for this scheme, 140 have been approved, 96 are still being processed, 16 were rejected and 7 withdrawn.

The Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS) is the only scheme where all tranche 1 applications have been processed.

537 out of 551 applications were approved, 3 were rejected and 11 were withdrawn.


Meanwhile, 9,110 applications were made by farmers under tranche 2 of TAMS 3, which is an increase of 11% when compared with the first application round.

These applications are currently being assessed by department staff and farmers or their advisors are being contacted to address any issues that arise.

Similar to tranche 1, a priority approval mechanism is available for those farmers who require urgent approval to proceed with works.

“Applicants or their advisors can contact their department of agriculture local office in this regard.

“Their application will then be assessed to determine whether there is an urgent need to issue approval, and prioritised accordingly,” a DAFM spokesperson told Agriland.