CROPS WATCH: Yellow rust a concern in winter wheat

Yellow rust is causing concern for John Mulhare. In this installment of CROPS WATCH, the TerraChem agronomist describes how plans for his winter wheat are changing as a result.

He intends to get this yellow rust under control early and will apply a T0 at GS31 with the plant growth regulator.

That T0 will be Fielder at 1.6L/ha and Corbel at 0.5L/ha. Corbel will contribute to yellow rust control, while it and Fielder – which also contains Talius – will look after any mildew in the crop.

Growth regulator will also be applied at this time. This will consist of CeCeCe at 1L/ha and Moddus at 0.2L/ha.

T0 application:
  • Fielder – 1.6L/ha;
  • Corbel – 0.5L/ha;
  • CeCeCe – 1L/ha;
  • Moddus – 0.2L/ha.

Background to the crop

The crop of Bennington winter wheat was planted on October 26. This was the day after John harvested his beet crop – which we followed on last season’s CROPS WATCH.

The beet tops were disced twice and the winter wheat was sown with a Horsch disc drill at a rate of 400 seeds/m². The seeding rate is high as John declared he has a market for straw.

The crop received its herbicide in February, along with growth regulator and a mix of trace elements.

February application:
  • Cameo Max SX – 30g/ha;
  • Broadway Star – 265g/ha;
  • K2 – 1.8L/ha;
  • Uplift – 3L/ha;
  • Boron 150 – 1L/ha;
  • Cereal Aloy – 1L/ha.