CROPS WATCH returns next week…winter barley is first up

CROPS WATCH, in association with TerraChem, returns to AgriLand again this season and the first installment will go online this week.

TerraChem agronomist John Mulhare will focus on the first fungicide application to winter barley, along with advice on growth regulation and crop nutrition.

Throughout this season’s series John will provide advice on wheat, barley, oats and beet. From herbicides to fungicides and everything in between, all aspects of crop husbandry will be covered.

John will be keeping an eye out for season-specific problems and as viewers were particularly interested in advice on beet crops in 2018, that crop will be in focus again this year.

2018 was somewhat of a whirlwind when it came to crop protection, as crops flew through the growth stages. Some highlights of the season gone by are included below.

John, along with Kevin Nolan of Nolan Farming, took viewers through the trials and tribulations of dealing with crops which had come out of a wet winter and were facing into a dry summer.

From avoiding making “grazy” in your spray tank to ensuring that your crops get the best nutrition, CROPS WATCH had you covered in 2018 and will continue to do so in 2019.

The video above shows a quick summary of the season gone by to give a flavour of what to look forward to this season.

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