Crop tour comes to an end with estimates above last year

The Pro Farmer Crop Tour came to an end yesterday (Thursday, August 20) and in six out of the seven states sampled yields were estimated to be above last year.

Minnesota saw the highest yield estimate at 195.08bu/ac, followed by Illinois at 189.04bu/ac. Ohio had the lowest yield estimate at 167.69bu/ac.

Corn yield compared to last year

In Illinois, the Pro Farmer Scouts estimated a corn yield of 189.40bu/ac. This is above both last year’s yield (171.17bu/ac) and the three-year average yield (181.51bu/ac).

Indiana corn yield was 10bu/ac below Illinois at 179.84bu/ac. This is well above the 2019 yield of 161.46bu/ac and is also above the three-year average of 171.67bu/ac.

In Iowa, where derecho winds hit hard and drought was affecting some areas, corn yield was estimated at 177.81bu/ac. This is below last year’s yield of 182.83bu/ac and the three-year average of 183.61bu/ac.

Minnesota corn yields came in at 195.08bu/ac on the tour. This is well above last year’s yield of 170.37bu/ac and is also above the three-year average of 180.19bu/ac.

Looking at Nebraska, corn yield is forecast at 175.15bu/ac, compared to 172.55bu/ac in 2019 and the three-year average of 172.38bu/ac.

Ohio corn yield was forecast significantly lower than the other states at 167.69bu/ac. However, this is higher than last year’s yield of 154.35bu/ac and is slightly below the three-year average of 166.18bu/ac.

In South Dakota, the yield was estimated at 179.24bu/ac. This is well above last year’s yield of 154.10bu/ac and the three-year average of 160.00bu/ac.

Pro Farmer Crop Tour corn yields:
  • Illinois – 189.40bu/ac;
  • Indiana – 179.84bu/ac;
  • Iowa – 177.81bu/ac;
  • Minnesota – 195.08bu/ac;
  • Nebraska – 175.15bu/ac;
  • Ohio – 167.69bu/ac;
  • South Dakota – 179.24bu/ac.

Scouts were also examining soybean crops along the route and counting pods.

Pro Farmer Crop Tour soybean pod counts:
  • Illinois – 1,247.38 pods/3ft²;
  • Indiana – 1,281.12 pods/3ft²;
  • Iowa – 1,146.30 pods/3ft²;
  • Minnesota – 1,085.84 pods/3ft²
  • Nebraska – 1,297.93 pods/3ft²;
  • Ohio – 1,155.68 pods/3ft²;
  • South Dakota – 1,250.86 pods/3ft².