Court summons after extended flatbed lorry with straw stopped

A lorry carrying straw on an extended flatbed trailer that was over 23m in length was stopped by Gardaí, with a court summons issued.

Gardaí in Co. Carlow stopped the lorry, which was traveling to Co. Galway, over the weekend. The length of the trailer was beyond the legal limit.

Gardaí said that the lorry was left parked where it was stopped until it is unloaded.

On Twitter, Gardaí said: “Carlow Gardaí stopped this lorry heading for Galway carrying a load of straw on an extended flatbed trailer. The whole rig measures over 23m. This well extended the legal limit.

“Lorry [is] left parked up until load is rectified. Court summons to follow,” Gardaí noted.

Sheep theft in Cavan

In other Garda-related news, officers in Cavan are investigating the theft of 17 sheep from two neighbouring farms last week.

Gardaí confirmed that officers in Belturbet are investigating the theft of the sheep, which occurred on two separate farms in the vicinity of the village of Redhills, close to the border with Northern Ireland.

The incidents occurred between midday on Wednesday (January 13) and 9:00am on Thursday (January 14).