Cooley Sheep Breeders’ held its inaugural sale of ewes with lambs at-foot on Saturday (May 21) which saw prices reach €392.

Giving a rundown of the trade to Agriland, Conor McCann of the group said: “The sale was a flying success with a great turnout of stock met by a good trade.

“229 ewes turned up with their lambs on the day and a new address was found for them all.

“As was said beforehand, there was something there for everyone’s taste, and with people there travelling from as far away as Co. Wicklow and numerous online bidders, they are now spread far and wide.

“The younger ewes with strong lambs at-foot and able to breed again were in greatest demand naturally enough, with a bunch of 10 Cheviot hoggets with 18 Kerry Hill lambs topping the sale at €392/piece.

“Other notable prices at this end of the scale were two mule hoggets with five lambs at-foot making €364/piece and a Texel-cross hogget with a single lamb at-foot making €318.

“Most of the trading was done between €180/unit and €300/unit,” he added.

A few sample prices in this bracket include:

  • Three-year-old Hilltex ewe with single lamb: Sold for €222;
  • Two Cheviot ewes with four lambs: Sold for €276/unit;
  • A full-mouth Lleyn ewe with single lamb: Sold for €252;
  • Two full-mouth Scottish Blackface ewes and four lambs: Sold for €188/unit.

“The rest of the ewes made from €130/unit up to €180/unit and were mainly full-mouth Scottish Blackface ewes with single lambs,” Conor said.

“Cooley Sheep Breeders will be attending several shows over the summer. Keep an eye out for us over the summer as you wouldn’t know what we have up our sleeves.”