Cattle trade remains stable as Turkish export market supports lighter stock

The cattle trade remained steady in marts throughout the country this week, with mart managers saying that the Turkish export market is continuing to support lighter animals.

Roughly 700 cattle went under the hammer in Ballyjamesduff Mart in Co. Cavan, on Tuesday, November 22, according to Mart Manager Danny Reilly.

“Numbers have been steady enough for the past few weeks, but I expect numbers will begin to fall slightly after the last sale in November,” he said.

Heavy bullocks made anything between €790-860 over the €1/kg base, while store bullocks were making between €620-700 over.

Meanwhile, heavy heifers ranging in weights from 515-675kg made between €715-840 over. For the lighter store heifers, weighing anywhere between 450-490/kg, prices varied varied from €610-770 over.

Lots of weanling heifers were making between €2.36-2.73/kg at the Ballyjamesduff sale, as weanling bull prices ranged from €2.06-2.41/kg.

There was also a number of dry cows available at the sale, with a top price of €1,235 given for a Friesian cow weighing 914kg, as a Charolais cross cow weighing 780kg made €1,215.

Killmallock Mart

Almost 1,400 stock were on offer at Kilmallock Mart on Monday, November 21, with all of the five rings in full use, according to Mart Spokesperson Dennis Kirby.

“Trade was similar to last week, with plenty of interest from farmer buyers. The majority of farmers stock was sold, we had close to 99% clearance,” Kirby said.

Bullocks sold for up to €1365/head or €2.21/kg, as heifers reached a high of €1330/head or €2.08/kg.

There was 370 weanlings for sale in Kilmallock on Monday, with bulls making up to €990/head or €2.73/kg, while heifers sold for €900 each or €2.97/kg.

Meanwhile, dairy stock made up to €1,110/head while sucklers sold for up to €1,250. The highest price paid in the calf ring on the day was €510.

Sample Prices:
  • Bullock: Limousin 540kg – €1,130 or €2.15/kg
  • Bullocks: Charolais 607kg – €1,155 or €1.90/kg
  • Heifer: Limousin 456kg – €920 or €2.01
  • Heifer: Aberdeen Angus 590kg – €1155 or €1.95
  • Weanling Bull: Simmental 390kg – €780 or €2.00/kg
  • Weanling Bull: Belgian Blue 240kg – €515 or €2.15/kg
  • Weanling Heifer: Limousin 345kg – €900 or €2.61/kg
  • Weanling Heifer: Simmental 220kg – €545 or €2.48/kg

Roscommon Mart

There was a large entry of stock on offer at the weanling sale in Roscommon Mart on Tuesday, November 22, according to a spokesperson for the mart.

Numbers were smaller compared to last week but the Turkish export trade continued to support the lighter animals.

Prices for Heifer Weanlings ranged from an average of €2.32-3.03/kg, quality lots sold well while the plainer type heifer was more difficult to clear during the Roscommon sale.

With regards to bull weanlings, prices varied between €2.45-3.25/kg. While a large entry of springers was met with a good demand with prices ranging from €1,100-2,100/head.