As part of our #FarmFree competition the winner will take home a Husqvarna chainsaw, along with a range of other prizes.

There is just a few weeks left to enter our #FarmFree competition, which we believe is the best farming give away in the country.

Alongside the Husqvarna 536LiXP battery chainsaw, which has a recommended retail price of €430, there is a high spec 4.2AH battery worth €250 and hi-speed charger, QC 330, which costs €130.

This brings the total value of this prize to €810, which is just one of the range of prizes the lucky farmer who wins the #FarmFree competition will take home.

The battery powered Husqvarna chainsaws have a brushless motor that delivers full torque at low revs, while providing 25% higher efficiency than a standard brush motor.

The ergonomic design of the Husqvarna Battery Series makes working long hours easier for operators.

Meanwhile the battery dramatically reduces vibrations, which in turn reduces the strain on an operators shoulders, arms and wrists.

Working with the battery powered electric chainsaws also means there is no noise or fumes.

A full charge of the battery will allow operators to work for approximately as long as you would on one tank of fuel in a regular chainsaw, depending on the work being carried out.

With a relatively quick charging time, a battery can be charged to 80% in as little as 35 minutes which reduces the level of downtime.

Husqvarna claim that the battery power series of chainsaws have a lifetime as long as fuel-driven products.

However, the fact that there are fewer parts to be serviced in the electronic models means less downtime and low operational costs, meaning the owner saves money in the long run.

Agriland’s #FarmFree Competition

As well as the Husqvarna chainsaw, there is a range of other farming products up for grabs as our #FarmFree competition runs for its second year.

The lucky winner will also win Massey Ferguson disc mower, 1,000t of Ecosyl silage additive, an €8,500 Heat Detection and Health Monitoring System and much more! Click here to enter the competition