Maglite Films are looking for older “farmers and farmer types” to appear as extras for several scenes being shot for a short film in Gort Mart next Thursday, January 25.

The extras will take part in the production of ‘Where The Old Man Lives’, starring Michael Harding and Ruth McCabe. 

The movie delves into the life of Michael, an elderly farmer living alone in rural Ireland. 

It will explore themes of rural isolation, resilience and rural theft in a lonesome setting.

Writer and co-producer, Ruaidhrí Hallinan told Agriland: “Old people are living alone and there’s a lot of anti-social behaviour out there. It’s such a big topic for rural Ireland, so we wanted to highlight that.”

Director, Sonya O Donoghue and Cinematographer, Niall P Connor discuss shots in Gort Mart canteen. Photo source: Ruaidhrí Hallinan

Hallinan said that the long-term intention for the short film is to apply for all of the Oscar qualifying competitions.

“There’s 100 Oscar qualifying competitions all over the world. There happens to be three in Ireland. There’s one in Galway, Belfast and Cork.

“So we’ll be trying to get it into Galway number one. If you win in any of those qualifying positions, you’re long listed for an Oscar, and who knows what could happen after that,” Hallinan said.

‘Where The Old Man Lives’ will be filmed from next Wednesday through to Saturday in Gort, and will also use an old building in the area, which was intended for use of a nursing home.

‘Where The Old Man Lives’ has received some funding from the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA) and other sponsors, along with help from family and friends, but is still looking for extra funds.

To cover the price of production and editing, the film has a GoFundMe page set up, which can be found online.

If you would like to have your claim to fame or just to help out the creative project then you can contact Maglite Films. Details can be found online.