Cashel Mart in Co. Tipperary hosted its second-ever ‘Virtual Sale’ of high EBI dairy heifers on Friday, October 22, at 7:00p.m.

Bidding for the sale took place on the Marteye app, and the top price on the evening surpassed that of the initial sale showing that “the new sale method is by no means a one hit wonder”, according to Cashel Mart’s Ray Hunt.

The first virtual sale of high EBI dairy heifers took place at Cashel Mart last month and saw a top price of €1,720 given for 10 Jersey-cross spring-calving heifers with an average EBI of €221.

Last Friday’s sale surpassed this price with Lot 3 going under the hammer at €1,820 for 10 in-calf heifers all calving in February to A.I.

Four of the 10 heifers were scanned in-calf to sexed semen.

These heifers came from a herd doing just over 600kg of milk solids and had an EBI of €184.

Lot 3

Speaking to Agriland following the sale, Cashel Mart’s Ray Hunt said: “We can see a clear premium in the market for those heifers coming from herds doing in excess of 500kg of milk solids per cow from a grass-based system.”

Weanling heifers were a slightly tougher trade according to Hunt who noted the average price was €750/head.

Sample prices from the sale:

  • Lot 1: €1,660;
  • Lot 2: €1,540;
  • Lot 3: €1,820;
  • Lot 4: €1,700;
  • Lot 5A and 5B: €1,440;

Weanling lots:

  • Lot 10: €760;
  • Lot 11A and 11B: €730;
  • Lot 14: €760.

Cashel Mart will host its next virtual sale of High-EBI heifers on Friday, January 21.

The video below explains how Cashel Mart’s sale method works:

Farmers considering entering heifers in the next sale or who want to find out more can contact Cashel Mart or Ray Hunt.