Augmenta, a technology company based in Greece, has now been fully bought out by Case New Holland (CNH) Industrial, which is seeking to help develop the smaller company’s ‘Sense & Act’ technology.

This comes after CNH purchased a 10.5% stake in the company two years ago and elevated it to the position of strategic partner.

Augmenta’s main expertise is in variable rate weed herbicide application through the use of sensing technology to apply the chemical only where it is required.

The two companies refer to the system as ‘See and Act’. The technology gives machines selective spraying capabilities which more precisely directs and regulates spray volume.

Work over the past few years has included the development of a multispectral camera and software which monitors the operating environment and acts directly to measure and apply the chemical or other input.

Savings from Augmenta systems

The main claim by the company is that its system relies on a spectral analysis of the ground at five different wavelengths, which will present a fuller picture on whether a weed is present, and also a crop’s nutrient status.

CNH points out that this will increase yields and boost sustainability by eliminating unnecessary chemical and fertiliser usage, and just as importantly, reduce application time, effort and overall input costs.

In 2021 it won two awards for its work when it claimed that the technology had achieved an average reduction in nitrogen (N) use of 9% over a variety crops.

It also claimed a 20% saving in plant growth regulators and 15% in desiccants. This is in addition to a yield boost of 2%.

It believes that these savings in herbicide, fungicide, plant growth regulators and fertiliser represent the largest potential for this technology.

Under Raven’s wing

Augmenta will operate within CNH’s Raven brand, as part of its precision technology portfolio. It will maintain its existing employees and offices in Greece and the US.

CNH Industrial will acquire Augmenta Holding SAS at an enterprise value of $110 million, subject to customary adjustments and regulatory approval.