Butcher lambs in demand on the back of lower numbers

Heavier lambs weighing over 50kg were a lot less plentiful in Athenry Mart on Monday, according to the Mart Manager Alan Barry.

Barry said that butcher buyers continued to drive the trade in the Co. Galway venue and these buyers were paying €2.12-2.17/kg for the right type of lamb.

The Mart Manager said farmers seem to be moving their lambs earlier and at lighter weights and as a result the number of heavier lambs on offer in recent weeks have dropped.

He also said that factory lambs continued to meet a strong trade with lambs weighing 45-46kg selling in the region of €98-100 each.

Like the butcher and factory lots, Barry said that store lamb met a similar trade to last week, with these lots trading from €2.00-2.17/kg.

Sample store lamb prices:
  • 42kg – €87 or €2.07/kg
  • 41kg – €83 or €2.02/kg
  • 39kg – €78 or €2.00/kg
  • 38kg – €82 or €2.16/kg
  • 42kg – €91 or €2.17/kg
  • 37kg – €77 or €2.08/kg

Looking at ewe sales, he said that the weaker type hoggets ewes were a little weaker than the week, but hoggets generally traded from €170-180 each.

Kilkenny Mart

There was a lively trade for lambs in Kilkenny Mart, Cillin Hill on Monday according to the Mart Auctioneer George Candler.

Candler said that lambs in excess of 50kg were particularly in demand, with prices for 55kg lambs peaking at €124 or €2.45/kg.

He said that numbers appear to be scare and as a result there was strong demand for fleshed lambs, with butcher and factory lambs trading at €2.10-2.25/kg.

Sample butcher lamb prices:
  • 55kg – €124 or €2.25/kg
  • 53kg – €119 or €2.25/kg
  • 51kg – €109 or €2.14/kg
  • 50kg – €108 or €2.16/kg

Candler said that store lambs also sold well in the ring on Monday and these lots traded from €2.20-2.45/kg or €78-88 each.

Hogget ewes and cast ewes also met a similar trade to last week and these lots made €140-170/head and €60-108/head respectively.

Mountbellew Mart

Mountbellew Mart held its largest sheep sale of the year on Saturday, according to the Mart Manager Marianne Higgins.

Higgins said there was a slight increase in factory lamb prices, while the store and ewe lambs on offer met with a brisk trade.

She said there was a very large number of store lambs on offer and the prices of these lots generally ranged from €75-92.50 each.

Sample lamb prices:
  • 47kg – €99.50 or €2.12/kg
  • 43kg – €89.50 or €2.08/kg
  • 40kg – €91.50 or €2.29/kg
  • 50kg – €100 or €2/kg
  • 47.5kg – €101 or €2.13/kg

There was a similar number of cast ewes on offer to the previous week, she said and prices for these lots ranged from €75-112 each.

While, there was a jump in the number of breeding ewes on offer with first crop ewes trading from €157-165 and second and third crop ewes made from €130-172 each.