This coming week will continue to be generally bright and warm, with average or slightly above average temperatures, according to Met Éireann.

Today, Monday, July 1, will be cloudy in the morning with some showers, but the afternoon and evening will turn brighter and drier.

Top temperatures today will be 16° to 21° with the best of this in the south. It will be breezy at first, with fresh to gusty north-westerly winds; however, these will ease later.

Tonight will be dry, with lowest temperatures of 6° to 10° and light to moderate north to north-west breezes.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 2, will be mostly dry and bright, but with some cloudy periods. Top temperatures will be mostly 16° to 20°, with the best of this again being in the south.

Tomorrow will also see light to moderate north-west or variable breezes.

Tuesday night, then, is expected to see similar conditions to tonight. Lowest temperatures will be 6° to 10°, with light to moderate northerly breezes.

Further outlook

Looking towards the rest of the week and it will be dry in general, with mostly sunny conditions and variable cloud cover. Daytime temperatures are expected to hover close to the 20° mark – or above it in some areas.

Wednesday, July 3, is expected to be slightly warmer than today and yesterday, with highest values of 18° to 21° in moderate north-east breezes.

Wednesday night will be cloudy in the north, but clear in most areas, with lows of 7° to 10° and breezes turning variable or westerly.

The cloudy conditions for the north will continue into Thursday, but it will be brighter and warmer elsewhere. Northern areas should see temperatures of 17° to 19°, while the rest of the county can expect averages of 20° to 22°, with Munster and south Leinster seeing the best of it.

Thursday night will see some light rain in the north, in what will be a mild night in most places – lowest values will be 10° to 12°.

Friday will see a similar disparity between the north of the country and other areas: Most of the country will see temperatures of 19° and 22° – the south again seeing the best of it – with 16° to 18° around Ulster. Winds will be moderate to fresh, blowing north-westerly.

The weekend looks like it will be mainly dry, with just some well-scattered light showers. It will continue to be fairly bright – with temperatures normal or just above it – and winds will continue to be light to moderate.

Given these conditions, Met Éireann expects that drying conditions will be good or very good over the next few days.

In terms of spraying conditions, winds will be generally light this week, especially after today.

Field conditions are in “good shape” at the moment, according to the national forecaster, and growth is good.