2019 oilseed rape list sees 3 new varieties added

If you are thinking of planting oilseed rape this autumn you should be looking at the recommended list.

Three new winter oilseed rape varieties have been added to the Department of Agriculture’s Provisionally Recommended list – Alizze, Aquila and Dariot – for the season ahead.

The remaining varieties on the recommended list have all been included since 2017. They are: Anastasia; DK Extrovert; PX113; and SY Harnas.

Relative yield

Aquila tops the list on relative yield, with a score of 106. Dariot followed on 103 and Anastasia on 102.

Oil content

Alizze tops the poll on oil content at a score of 102. Aquila, Dariot and DK Extrovert were rated at 101, while the remaining varieties were rated at 99 for oil content.

Lodging, stem and shedding

Lodging resistance and stem stiffness are very important when choosing an oilseed rape variety. Four varieties score an eight for lodging resistance – Anastasia, PX113, Alizze and Aquila.

Dariot is the tallest variety on the list at 149cm, followed by Aquila at 144cm and Anastasia and DK Extrovert both on 143cm.

Anastasia and PX113 also rate an eight for stem stiffness.

All varieties – apart from Aquila which scores a seven- scored an eight for shedding resistance.

Light leaf spot resistance

Resistance to light leaf spot saw four varieties score a seven – Anastasia, DK Extrovert, Alizze and Aquila.