Brief for Leaving Cert agri science investigative study released

The brief for the individual investigative study, as it is called in the new specifications for Leaving Cert agricultural science 2021, was released in recent days. It applies to both ordinary level and higher level candidates.

“Teachers and students are very happy to have finally received the brief as it was expected we would have it at the beginning of the new course last September,” said Willie White, PRO of the Irish Agricultural Science Teachers’ Association (IASTA).

It is a thematic brief and this year’s theme, ‘Improving sustainability in Irish agriculture,’ is obviously very topical at the moment. As it has only just been released, students and teachers will need time to engage with the contents of the brief before deciding how to tackle it.

“Initial reading of the brief suggests it is quite broad – students choose an enterprise which can range from a family farm to a multinational company – and it must be experiment based.

“There is a requirement to carry out at least one experiment where data is gathered and processed,” the IASTA PRO said.

The title ‘Improving sustainability in Irish agriculture’ certainly affords students an opportunity to voice their views of possible solutions to the current challenges facing Irish agriculture.

“There is no doubt that with almost 8,000 students investigating, and carrying out experiments on how to improve sustainability, some novel solutions are sure to emerge that may play a role in the industry going forward,” said Willie, who teaches at St. Peter’s College in Wexford.

The report on the individual investigative study must be presented in the digital completion booklet provided by the State Examinations Commission.

The individual investigative study will account for 100 marks, 25% of the overall marks. The remaining 300 marks (75%) will be awarded for the final written examination.