A second Brexit referendum among the UK electorate is becoming more likely as the narrative unfolds, according to independent senator and former Ulster Farmers’ Union president Ian Marshall.

Speaking on tonight’s episode of FarmLand, Marshall explained to presenter Claire Mc Cormack why he believes that a second vote would be the best and most democratic way to navigate through the current political climate.

He said: “I think as we watch this narrative unfold it becomes more likely.

“I think that for the British Prime Minister, for the elected representatives, the best way to steer a path through these choppy waters is to go back to the people and ask the people for a democratic decision on this pretty difficult subject.

“And I think that’s what we need to be cognitive of, and mindful of, that this is wholly democratic – you present the detail of the deal, you present what we’re looking at, and you ask them ‘do we leave with this deal or do we remain part of Europe?'”

Commenting on a referendum itself, the independent member of the Seanad said: “I have always maintained that a second referendum needs to happen.

And it’s interesting because it’s not a second referendum – it’s a vote on the deal.

Marshall explained that at the moment there is a very divided society with the UK split – with the topic dividing families and communities.

The former UFU president and dairy farmer explained that strong leadership is needed and the UK government needs to present the electorate with the deal to let them decide.

“Remember; this is the fundamental difference – because this is wholly democratic to ask the people to vote, because you present the British electorate with the deal.

“And the option is: this is the deal that we leave on; or we remain.

And I think that’s fair – and there’s a fundamental difference for the outcome of that vote, because the outcome of that vote is wholly democratic; people make decisions in the full knowledge of what their vote entails. So I think that is the difference.

Marshall explained that if the vote returns the same outcome with a majority seeking to exit the EU, he as a ‘remainer’, would be completely supportive of that.

“Because that validates the initial referendum and it gives complete justification for the UK government and the UK to Brexit.”

Regarding the matter of a no-deal Brexit, Marshall said that he does not believe this will come to pass.

“I actually don’t think a no-deal scenario is a reality; I think that everyone – the politicians, business, industry, the people in the street – know that the no-deal is a horrendous situation for everyone: for the UK; for the EU; for Ireland.

“So I think that no deal is not a reality,” Marshall said.