There will be a big increase in the number of Angus cattle slaughtered in the near future, according to Bord Bia’s Joe Burke.

The Bord Bia Beef and Livestock Sector Manager said that the number of Angus calves registered last year increased by 20% compared to the year before.

“Certainly, at the end of this year and on into next year we expect the number of cattle being slaughtered within the Angus group to increase,” he said.

However, Burke told the crowds in attendance at Teagasc Beef 2016, that there will be markets available to take the extra beef off Irish processors hands.

Burke said that there is demand for Angus-sourced beef on the domestic market, while a lot of the additional beef produced will also be exported to European markets.

Around continental Europe, these [Angus] are seen as a very premium offering and a lot the steak cuts would be going to markets including Germany

“Some of the extra beef would be going to Switzerland and more would be going into the Netherlands and France.

“Because it is something a bit different to their own offering, Angus and Hereford beef has found a very good following over there,” he said.

However, Burke also said that very little Angus and Hereford beef is sold into the UK market, as the UK has plentiful supplies of their own early maturing cattle.

Huge benefits for sustainability

Burke also said that the increased numbers of Angus cattle will have huge benefits in terms of sustainability.

He said that the majority of these cattle are slaughtered at 18-20 months and age and from a sustainability point of view, these animals will have a lower carbon footprint.