The beef sector should look to the success of the Kerrygold brand in its attempts to crack the US market, which opened earlier this month, according to ICOS.

It says the opening of the market an opportune time where a co-operative led major marketing model to brand our beef might be followed.

While the beef industry is very different to dairy, the success of the co-operative led Kerrygold brand historically in Europe and recently in the US show clearly that there is merit in going beyond competing marketing strategies, it says.

ICOS says the recent lifting of the outdated SPS (Sanitary & Photo Sanitary) issues preventing the reopening of the US market to beef, albeit still under tariff control, is very welcome.

But, it should be recognised that prior to the imposition of the ban, we were exporting minuscule quantities of beef to the US, it says.

According to ICOS, it is an important announcement for the dairy industry also because of the projected increases of dairy beef that we will have to market during our hoped for expansion.

It says our processors, Government and Bord Bia have significant work to undertake to attempt to find a space for our product in what will be a highly competitive, selective and price sensitive market.

Irish beef promotion in the US to start in February

The push to promote Irish beef in the US will formally start in early February, according to Bord Bia.

“We are finalising arrangements at the present time,” a Bord Bia spokesperson said.

“Initially our aim will be to target Irish beef at high end restaurant and other elite food service outlets. Two launch events will be hosted by Bord Bia in New York and Washington.

“This will be complemented by political activity involving representatives from the Department of Agriculture in Dublin and their counterparts in the US.”

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