Proposals to possibly implement compulsory origin labelling on milk and milk products, is an area fraught with danger for Ireland, according to ICOS.

It says this is especially the case for an exporting country like Ireland, with some co-ops having a crossborder supply and for our industry in general as some countries with to renationalise milk.

ICOS says this is something it thinks is unacceptable both from a single market perspective and a practical perspective.

It says it has been following this dossier from the start and has made extensive contributions to the Commission at legislative workshop level to ensure that our industry is not saddled with unworkable regulatory burdens.

An initial consultant’s report containing recommendations on the matter is expected within the next month, it says.

ICOS says it is confident that our practical submissions regarding what it calls the ‘total unworkability’ of compulsory national origin labeling proposals in dairy products.

“We have no problem with voluntary country initiatives such as our own successful NDC label which we back in Ireland.”

“But for a country that exports a level of almost 90% of its dairy product, such a compulsory proposal would be a majorly regressive step,” it says.