The Tanzanian Chamber of Commerce will attend an an agricultural trade mission event in Dublin tomorrow morning.

A spokesperson for the group said the delegation is here to meet the farmers and business people from all sectors.

The chairperson of the Beef Plan Movement Eamonn Corley has been invited to speak at the event.

At the event, the opening speech will be given by ambassador Anisa Mbega from Tanzania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other speakers on the day will include Tanzanian Government official Amos Tengu who will discuss why an Ireland-Tanzanian trade partnership can work well.

The spokesperson explained that the Tanzanian delegates “want to show Ireland that Tanzania is ready to trade with the Irish farming community” and noted that the country already imports Irish food brands such as Kerrygold.

Farm bodies unite for Beef Plan protest

The news comes as earlier this week, a number of the country’s farm lobby groups stood side-by-side with the Beef Plan Movement at a major rural-led protest outside Leinster House in the capital today, Wednesday, July 10.

The purpose of the protest was to highlight the “grave concerns” that rural and farming communities have about the future of the family-farm model – particularly in light of political agreement being reached on a proposed EU-Mercosur trade deal.

Under the proposed agreement, 99,000t of beef from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay could make its way onto EU market shelves at preferential tariff rates – a move that has led to a serious backlash from Irish farmers who adhere to strict EU environmental regulations on food production.