Beef Plan expresses concern on ‘market specifications’

A statement from the Beef Plan Movement has said it is “extremely concerned that some of the large food service and multiple retailers have not engaged on the issue of so-called market specifications”.

The statement outlined that both Bord Bia and Meat Industry Ireland (MII) have stated that the 30-month upper age limit, four movement rule and 60 (70) day on-farm residency are requirements requested by retailers and are customer driven.

However, according to the Beef Plan, “no evidence has ever been produced to substantiate these claims”.

The 30-month upper age limit is not a requirement by Lidl and Supermacs and according to Prof. Paddy Wall such has no scientific basis to be a specification.

Continuing, the statement added: “The Beef Plan Movement continues to review the role of Bord Bia and the value for money returned to the primary producer.”

The statement further outlined that the Beef Plan “considers it unfair that after having suspended our protests over three weeks ago, it is still named on legal documentation”.

The relationship between the processors and farmers can only heal if all legal action is officially removed and meaningful negotiations are concluded.

Concluding, the Beef Plan Movement’s statement said: “We will continue to work for the beef farmers of Ireland on a voluntary basis.”