Manufacturers have increased new season wholesale CAN prices by €12/t in recent weeks, according to James McCarthy, IFA National Inputs Project Team Leader.

This, he said is a move that is totally unjustified.

He said that the latest price increases pushed through for new season ammonium nitrate (AN) and calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) fertiliser by a number of major European nitrogen manufacturers in recent days.

He said that these increases are unjustified and that the European Commission must take decisive action immediately.

“The European Commission needs to take a firm stand against European fertiliser manufacturers as they continue to push through price increases for new season AN and CAN fertiliser at a time when international urea, crude oil and energy prices continue to fall.

“It is clearly evident that major European nitrogen manufacturers are abusing their dominant position, given that they have hiked the premium for CAN significantly in recent months.

“The Commission must take decisive action to restore the competitiveness of European agriculture by abolishing custom tariffs on imported fertilisers and instigating a sector enquiry into Europe’s fertiliser industry,” he said.

He said that manufacturers have increased new season wholesale CAN prices by €12/t in recent weeks – a move that is totally unjustified.

Deadline for fertiliser applications fast approaching

The prohibited period when chemical fertiliser spreading is not allowed on Irish farms will start in the coming days.

From September 15, farmers are not allowed to spread chemical fertiliser on their lands under the rules of the Nitrates Directive.

As the graph below shows the closed period remains enforced until January 12 in the south east, January 15 in the midlands and west and January 31 in northern counties.