Akpil disc cultivator touring the country on demo

Akpil Ireland – a supplier of tillage equipment – is currently touring the country with a 4.5m Bison XL disc cultivator. The disc cultivator is equipped with a Poplon catch crop seeder and is approved under TAMS (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme).

Having started in Co. Cork, the disc cultivator is now in Co. Louth and will be travelling to Co. Wexford in the coming days. The machine is stopping along the way and will take another route once it has finished its journey to the south-east of the country.

Farmers can request a demonstration and hook the disc cultivator up to their own tractor. They can then use the machine for half a day. Many have chosen to plant catch crops during the demonstration.

The disc cultivator is available in the following widths: 3m; 4m; 4.5m; 5m; 5.5m; and 6m.

Speaking to AgriLand, Des Walsh – sales manager with Akpil Ireland – said that the company has sold a number of 3m disc cultivators this year to farmers who used the machine on demonstration tours.

He added that the demonstrations have helped to gain particular interest in counties which are new to the machinery brand, such as Kildare, Dublin and Louth.

“The strength, build and design of the machine is the big talking point when we get to the farmer’s yard,” he explained.