A Co. Kilkenny-based agtech company has launched a new platform for livestock sales, which will be showcased at the National Ploughing Championships 2023 next week.

Farm Fayre claims that its trading platform will “offer farmers a safe, convenient, transparent, and sustainable ecosystem for the sale and purchase of livestock”.

The platform will allow sellers to list their livestock with essential details such as breed and weight, along with images and videos of the animals, in order for buyers “to make informed decisions”, according to the company.

Sellers will be able to set their own pricing levels.

According to Farm Fayre, buyers will benefit from a “fully transparent environment” in which to bid for animals, with all bids being visible in real-time.

Once the highest bid crosses the reserve price, the animal will be sold, with payment transferred to an escrow account to be released to the seller on completion of the transaction.

After that payment, the agtech company’s “trusted haulier network” notifies both the seller and buyer about collection and delivery times.

Livestock are then collected and delivered from “field to field”, with their weights verified en route. If no issues are raised within 24-hours of delivery, the funds are released to the seller, completing the transaction.

Kevin O’Connor, the CEO and co-founder of Farm Fayre said that the aim of the platform is to “empower farmers…by putting the ‘old market fayre’ into their hands and on their farms so they can buy and sell in absolute confidence”.

“Farmers can buy and sell in minutes, right from their field. With Farm Fayre, they can be confident that their funds and livestock are always safe, and that the livestock will be collected and delivered at their convenience,” O’Connor added.

He said that, if any issues arise between a buyer and seller, “seasoned industry arbitrators are on standby to swiftly resolve them”.

The trading platform will be showcased at Ploughing 2023, which takes place from September 19-21.